Who can skydive?

If you’re 18 years or older and in reasonably good health, we’ll do our utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable experience with us.

However, due to safety regulations, we may not always be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to go skydiving. Please take a moment to review our eligibility criteria before booking your jump.

For safety reasons, we strictly enforce limits related to mobility, height, and weight. If you weigh over 95kg (210 pounds), please inform us at the time of booking, as you may undergo a tandem master assessment. More details can be found in our Terms & Conditions. It’s not advisable to skydive if you’re pregnant, have back, limb, or joint injuries, or have certain medical conditions or disabilities. If you have any concerns about your ability to participate safely, we recommend consulting a medical professional.

Please note that even if you’ve made a reservation, we retain the right to decline participation if we have health and safety concerns. Your ability to take part in this activity depends on the safety harness fitting correctly on the day of your skydive. 

Who can skydive with us?

About us

At Skydive Dubai we provide thrillingexperiences with top-notch, safe equipment, under the guidance of certified trainers. We promise an unforgettable experience. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have an exciting adventure and a memory of a lifetime. Please give us a call or fill out the reservation. We will get back to you, to confirm the booking and answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the experience.  Thank you

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